Heerema Finishes Hasdrubal Platform for Tunisia

From Design to hook-up of a Mega construction Heerema Vlissingen, one of the three construction yards of Heerema Fabrication Group (HFG) completed the construction of the Hasdrubal oil and gas platform. The topside has been loaded from the construction quay in Vlissingen on a seagoing barge for transport to the Gulf of Gabes, approximately 110 kilometers offshore Tunisia in the Mediterranean.

In June last year the construction of the Hasdrubal platform started at Heerema Vlissingen yard. This 2,450 tons weighing platform for BG Tunisia is not a heavy weight but the contract is in many aspects very challenging. The construction represents in total approx 300,000 man hours. The topside has 5 decks, a weight of 1,450 tons and measures 46 x 30 x 29 meters. The jacket has a weight of 1,000 tons and a length of 70 meters. Within the scope of the contract also the final concept and design, as well as the transport to Tunisia, offshore installation and hooking up the platform are Heerema's responsibility. Furthermore, Heerema Vlissingen will also provide training to the people of BG Tunisia on location, how to work the platform. Especially offshore installation, hooking up the platform, training on location and all of this within a very tight time schedule, characterizes the unique position of a European construction company like Heerema Vlissingen.

"Our reputation for high quality workmanship, securing schedule and budget were the main reasons for BG Tunisia to award us this extended EPIC contract. Without our highly motivated team in Vlissingen this was absolutely not feasible. The dedication and expertise of our people to accomplish this very challenging project proves again our strength! Also noteworthy is that we completed the project without a single lost time injury', according to Wim Matthijssen, Managing Director of Heerema Vlissingen.

The Hasdrubal platform will be installed in a water depth of 60 meters and approximately 110 kilometers offshore Tunisia. BG Tunisia is the operator of Hasdrubal and owns the field together with ETAP. It is expected that the platform will be operational in 2009.