Chongqing Gas Field Delivers Gas Daily to Sichuan after Earthquake

Natural gas produced by Chongqing Gas Field of CNPC Southwest Oil and Gas Field Company was once delivered directly to over one hundred large and middle sized enterprises and tens of million of households in Sichuang and Chongqing areas through the North-South trunk of Lanzhou-chengdu-chongqing Pipeline. Unfortunately, wells and stations of this gas field allocated in Kaixian, Liangping and Dazhu counties suffered from damage of different degrees due to the recent earthquake.

Chongqing Gas Field immediately launched the contingency plan shortly following the quake and prompt and effective measures were taken to get the production back to normal. Chongqing Gas Field ensures a daily delivery of 11 million cubic meters of gas to Sichuan with priority given to domestic use and CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) supply.