Titan Technologies Unveils Auto-Return SUBSEA Tensioner

Houston based Titan Technologies International, Inc has dramatically changed the SUBSEA Bolt/Stud Tensioner landscape with the introduction of a new and radically innovative SUBSEA Tensioner System.

Titan has set a new and unrivalled performance benchmark with the introduction of the AquaTite SUBSEA Tensioning system. The Titan AquaTite system will save 45% to 80% of dive time, increase safety, reduce diver fatigue and improve the SUBSEA bolting process.

The revolutionary new and patent pending Titan AquaTite SUBSEA Tensioners offers the following features:

  • The Titan invention is a system that allows the pressurizing fluid to be individually released from each SUBSEA Tensioner locally back into the sea. This simple solution allow the springs to quickly and easily return the piston.
  • The Titan AquaTite™ uses water as its hydraulic fluid instead of Hydraulic Oil. Any possibility of leaking Hydraulic oil which is used in most current SUBSEA Tensioners, into the ocean, is eliminated. The Titan AquaTite is 100% environmentally friendly and pollutant free.
  • The Titan AquaTite has a built in stroke limiter on each Tensioner to avoid possible over stroking and seal extrusions.
  • Releasing the water LOCALLY into the environment allows the springs to retract the piston and the Tensioner to take successive strokes. The Piston is returned by the springs simply by opening a valve on the Tensioner.