GE O&G Unveils New Tool for Pipeline Software

GE Oil & Gas' PII Pipeline Solutions business has launched a Direct Assessment module for PipeView Integrity (PVi), GE's suite of software solutions that helps transmission pipeline operators and local distribution companies assess and manage the integrity of their pipelines.

PVi combines several important integrity tools - including Data Alignment Manager, Feature Assessment, Risk Assessment and Integrity Planning - into a single, integrated environment.

The new Direct Assessment (DA) module helps pipeline operators manage external corrosion direct assessment (ECDA) projects from beginning to end as described in NACE SP0502, an industry recommended standard practice.

With the Direct Assessment tool, users can connect to enterprise data if available. However, if the data is unavailable, users can load available pipeline and environmental data for pre-assessment directly. Data from additional stages can be loaded and analyzed. A graphical data editor allows them to view assessment data in a band-like format, select segments and change the data when desired.

"The Direct Assessment module for PVi allows loading and analysis of data for all stages of ECDA and is highly configurable to the user's process," said John Bucci, general manager of GE's PII Pipeline Solutions business. "For clients with both piggable and non-piggable lines, the Direct Assessment module release rounds out the PipeView Integrity product nicely."

Direct Assessment users can load and reconcile GPS-surveyed centerline data to existing GIS centerline data as well as reconcile indirect inspection data to the centerline. Additionally, users can determine severity and prioritize indications from indirect inspections such as PCM, CIS, DCVG and ACVG. After the data has been assessed, they can determine the location of direct examinations, collect data during excavations and ultimately calculate remaining life.

Additionally, almost every component of Direct Assessment employs configurable logic, so a client's direct assessment solution can be customized for its operation. Configurability is built into region determination, data loading, severity assessment, remaining life and reassessment intervals. Instead of a "one-size-fits-all" approach, Direct Assessment provides a level of customization and quality that GE customers have come to expect.

The Direct Assessment module interface is straightforward and easy to use. Each stage in the process uses a tab with sub-tabs for specific functions, e.g., viewing, editing, and reporting. This simple dashboard view allows Direct Assessment users to manage inspections and excavations through completion and easily determine remaining life and reassessment intervals.