Norse Energy Proposes New Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Norse Energy Corp. ASA hereby announces its proposed new candidates, Bjarte Bruheim and Kathleen Arthur.

Bjarte Bruheim

Bjarte Bruheim is a graduate of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology with an MSc in physics and electronics. Mr. Bruheim has considerable business and operational experience, and he is one of the founders of Petroleum Geo-Services ASA. Mr. Bruheim served as President and Chief Operating Officer in PGS until 2001, and he currently holds multiple board positions, among others in Electromagnetic Geoservices ASA and Odim ASA. Mr. Bruheim controls 25,300,000 shares in Norse Energy Corp. ASA.

Kathleen Arthur

Kathleen Arthur is a former Vice President Exploration and Production in Chevron Corporation. Ms. Arthur has considerable operational experience, in addition to various board positions. Ms. Arthur currently serves as a board member of TGS Nopec Geophysical ASA. Ms. Arthur does not control any shares in Norse Energy Corp. ASA.