Rig Fire Near Surat Australia Under Control

Oil Company of Australia Limited (OCA) advised that Monday, April 7th a gas fire broke out on the Century Resources Rig No. 1 while drilling at the Myall Creek No. 8 well in Production License 174 in southwest Queensland. This location is approximately 20 kilometers east of the township of Surat.

An emergency response plan has been dispatched in accordance with company procedures and a fire engine is on site. Three employees of Century Resources have been injured and have been evacuated from the site. Their injuries are being treated in the township of Surat.

The fire has been contained at the wellhead and is under control. The situation is being closely monitored.

OCA technical representatives and the Department of Natural Resources & Mines' petroleum and gas inspectors are on-site to determine the most appropriate method to extinguish the fire and shut-off the gas flow. Water is being continuously sprayed to cool nearby drilling rig equipment. A full investigation to determine the cause of the incident will be conducted as soon as is practicable.