EPL Logs Pay at East Cameron Block 378

Energy Partners, Ltd. reports that its OCS-G 12856 #3 well in East Cameron Block 378 in the Gulf of Mexico was drilled directionally to a total depth of 12,224 feet true vertical depth (TVD) (14,462 feet measured depth (MD)) in a sidetrack hole and logged 86 feet of apparent net natural gas pay in a total of two sands with possible pay in two additional intervals. A liner has been set to a depth of 12,041 feet TVD protecting the first three intervals. The well is located approximately 115 miles off the Louisiana coast in 437 feet of water.

The Company is preparing to sidetrack this well in order to re-drill an additional 200 to 250 feet and case the deepest productive interval. Completion plans will be finalized once the current drilling and evaluation operations are finished. EPL is the operator of the well and owns a 33% working interest.