Northern Petroleum Approved to Drill in West Sussex

Northern Petroleum (GB) Limited (Northern) is pleased to announce that it has received planning approval to drill from a site in West Sussex to the north of Forestside. The Markwells Wood No. 1 well will target a prospect in License PEDL 126 that is mapped to be an eastward extension of the currently producing Horndean Field of which Northern is a partner.

The Company and its professional advisors have analyzed data from and between the Horndean and Singleton North oilfields lying some 15 kilometers apart and have concluded that they are in essence the same oil accumulation. Markwells Wood is the first site of two within the license where structures have been mapped to exist above the common oil-water contact.

Site construction is anticipated to commence later this year and drilling to take place shortly thereafter.

Northern is particularly conscious of its commitments to be a good neighbor to the local community and are committed to health and safety and the environment.

All operations will be conducted with those desires in mind. Richard Latham, Chairman of the Company said: "Northern compliments the planning officers and all other parties involved in the Markwells Wood drilling decision for their thorough professionalism and their many helpful suggestions to improve our plans to fit the local circumstances. As to the overall issue we believe the voting of 10 in favor, none against and one abstention is indicative of the real issues of drilling at this site, the preservation and even possible improvement to ancient soils and many safeguards in place render the operation as compatible with the local community and environment as possible."

PEDL 126 partners are Northern Petroleum (GB) Ltd with 50%, Magellan Petroleum (N.T.) Pty Ltd with 40% and Encore Oil Plc with 10%.