ChevronTexaco & Oceaneering Win 2003 NOIA Safety Award

The National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA) awarded ChevronTexaco's Deepwater Business Unit and Oceaneering International the 2003 Safety in Seas Award, recognizing their outstanding contribution to the improvement of safe operating procedures in the offshore industries. A blue-ribbon panel comprising representatives of the U.S. Coast Guard, The National Academy of Science's Marine Board and the U.S. Department of the Interior's Minerals Management Service acknowledged the companies' dedication and innovative approach to safety on the Genesis Riser Guide Modification Project.

The project marked the first saturation diving within a moon pool of a drill ship and the first use of friction stud welding on a floating offshore facility in the Gulf of Mexico. More than 2700 divers logged 4,300 hours of bottom-time as the project ran 24 hours a day for 422 days, with man-hours totaling 265,946 -- without a single loss-time accident.

Oceaneering International, which provides engineered services and hardware to customers involved in the marine industry, and ChevronTexaco, a worldwide producer of oil and natural gas, were recognized for their superior project management and unparalleled commitment to safety.

NOIA President Tom Fry commented, "We applaud ChevronTexaco and Oceaneering for rising to meet the unique challenges inherit in the offshore while maintaining a truly remarkable standard of safety. I commend the U.S. Coast Guard, The National Academy of Science's Marine Board and the Minerals Management Service for recognizing this achievement. The expertise and inventiveness demonstrated in this project will serve as a benchmark for the industry."

Acknowledging the significant contributions made by modern-day pioneers in their pursuit of the ocean frontier, Compass Publications, Inc., publishers of Sea Technology magazine, established the NOIA Safety in Seas Award in 1978. The award recognizes the excellence among those who, by their actions, design or influence, have contributed to improving the safety of life offshore. The award, now in its 26th year, continues to serve as a testimony to the high standards associated with the rapid growth of the ocean industries.