Kuwaiti Team Expected to Extinguish Large Oilwell Fire Today

The official spokesman of the Kuwaiti Oil Sector, Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled Al-Sabah, said on Thursday that the Kuwaiti fire-fighting team would finalize extinguishing the second blazing Iraqi oil well later Thursday or on Friday.

Sheikh Talal, in a statement to KUNA, said the team was still working to put out the fire but was facing some technical hurdles. The burning well, A-2, is located in the southern Al-Rumailah oilfield.

Sheikh Talal, the executive assistance of the managing director of ventures, government, parliamentary and media relations of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC), indicated that a great deal of intensive efforts was required because the well was one of the largest ones in this region.

The Kuwaiti team had to secure huge amounts of water to douse the flames, he said, adding that the Kuwaiti firefighters dug a large crater and filled it with water as one of the techniques in the operation.

The retreating forces of the Iraqi regime, now fought by coalition forces, set several oil wells in southern Iraqi alight when the war broke out on March 20th.