The Atlantis ABS Solution to Demo in Stavanger

The Atlantis ABS artificial buoyant seabed solution for cheaper and more efficient deepwater drilling is due to be demonstrated for the first time in Stavanger today, April 4th.

This invention has been designed to eliminate the need for installing exploration or production equipment on the true seabed in water depths down to 3,000 meters.

All necessary systems, including wellheads, are placed on the artificial seabed structure, which is suspended 200-300 meters beneath a conventional rig.

It will be linked to the rig with risers, and connected to the well at the seabed by a conductor tube.

"We regard Atlantis as an interesting project and a possible solution to the challenges of drilling in deep water and new areas," says project manager Jan Inge Røyland in Statoil's industrial development unit.

"As a leader in developing and applying new technology, we've taken a stake in the Atlantis Deepwater Technology company responsible for developing this solution.

"We're looking forward to the results of the tests being conducted in the Gands Fjord outside Stavanger today."

Statoil owns 12 percent of Atlantis Deepwater Technology, which is based at Grimstad in southeast Norway.

The other owners are Ugland og Tønnevold with 49 percent, Aker Kvaerner with 19 percent, the Proffshore arm of Rogaland Research with 4.5 percent and various small shareholders.

Atlantis ABS