ChevronTexaco to Restart Escravos Terminal Operations

ChevronTexaco Corp. commented on the recent decision by its subsidiary Chevron Nigeria Limited to return its operations staff and support workers to its Escravos terminal and to begin a gradual return to production of crude oil and natural gas.

"Our primary concern throughout this difficult time in the Western Niger Delta has been for the safety of Chevron Nigeria Limited's workers and members of nearby communities," said Dave O'Reilly, ChevronTexaco chairman and CEO. "We're very pleased that Chevron Nigeria Limited now believes that conditions in the area allow for a safe return of these Escravos workers."

CNL announced on March 23 that because of ongoing unrest in the area, it had shut-in production of 440,000 barrels of oil and 285 million cubic feet of gas per day. The company subsequently used aircraft to shuttle more than 5,000 people to safe locations in Nigeria, including an estimated 3,000 community members who feared for their safety.

"To airlift so many people to safety in a short period of time and under very challenging circumstances is a real tribute to Chevron Nigeria Limited and the professional and caring way in which they responded to this crisis," said O'Reilly.