Aker Solutions Expands RapidSolution Well Set Program

Due to high demand, Aker Solutions has decided to double the size of its RapidSolution well set program.

The RapidSolution was launched in September 2007 as a pre-configured system, with a dedicated stocking program, that aims to provide a complete well set within a fraction of the traditional system lead times. The target is to supply a complete well set within a 4-6 month lead time. RapidSolution is a complete well system that consists of a subsea tree, subsea control module, wellhead and tie-in system.

"By offering pre-configured, high technology subsea trees with very short lead time and at competitive prices, we have been able to connect with new customers as well as winning EPC projects where trees have been the pacing item," says Svenn Ivar Fure, senior vice president Trees, Processing & Boosting, Aker Solutions.

"We passed this year's ambitions for sales of RapidSolution trees as early as April, and we have added significant value for our customers through bundling of Aker Solutions controls and tie-in products. Since we so far have managed to sell the well sets in progress before touching our 6-month delivery objective, we have decided to expand the program - both in size and in product offering," adds Fure.

Deepwater trees are now available with firm deliveries from January 2009 and Shallow water trees from April 2009. Delivery slots will be marketed and sold on a first come, first serve basis.

Both the deepwater and shallow water tree models are based on the horizontal 5x2" Standard Configurable Tree (SCT) concept and may be accompanied with Aker Solutions wellheads, tie-in systems and subsea controls. The well system can be delivered to any region of the world. It is supported by rental and completion tools.