Maurel & Prom Awarded La Noumbi Permit in Congo

Maurel & Prom was awarded the La Noumbi prospecting permit, located in the northwestern part of Congo-Brazzaville near the Gabon border, by presidential decree.

Coming at the end of an international call for proposals answered by a number of companies, this award allows Maurel and Prom to double its on-shore mining area, expanding the prospecting (Kouilou) and operating (Kouakouala and M'Boundi) permits it already holds.

As for these permits, Maurel & Prom will, in its capacity as operator of the La Noumbi permit, carry out development work to put these new mining rights, whose potential appears promising, into production. On the strength of this success, in 2003 the company will begin the studies necessary to prepare for the initial exploratory drilling planned for the beginning of 2004.