ONGC Makes Discovery in Jaisalmer District

ONGC has made a new oil and gas discovery in the Jaisalmer district. The oil samples have been sent to Dehradun for quality testing. Late last year Cairn Energy discovered oil in the Barmer district. ONGC's project in-charge ML Singhvi said good quality oil had been found at the depth of 1,900 meter after drilling new wells in Kharatar area in the district.

The new reserves had been found in the wells drilled only two months ago. Small gas reserves were found in the 17 wells drileed earlier in Kharatar area by ONGC.

Singhvi said gas found from these wells is of a very high quality, adding that ONGC's efforts of more than three decades had finally borne fruits. The proportion of methane in this gas is 80 percent, he said. Gas found from the wells drilled earlier contained only 40-45 percent.