Boots & Coots Teams Up with HSE Integrated

HSE Integrated Ltd. of Calgary, Alberta and Boots & Coots International Well Control have signed a definitive agreement to create a jointly owned company to provide oilfield safety services in the oil and gas producing regions of the continental United States. The new joint venture is expected to be operating in one or more markets in the central and western producing regions of the US by mid-2008.

The name of the new company will be Boots & Coots HSE Services, Inc. and headquartered in Houston, Texas. The company's Board of Directors will be comprised of representatives of both Boots & Coots and HSE, with HSE as the operating partner responsible for operations. Jarvis Jackson of HSE, currently Vice-President of Emergency Response and Business Development, will become President of the new entity.

Initially Boots & Coots HSE Services will provide fire protection and worker decontamination services during well stimulation operations. This will involve the relocation of the necessary specialized and proprietary capital assets, designed and manufactured by HSE in Canada, to selected US markets.

"HSE is a leader in the provision of an integrated suite of industrial, health, safety and environment services to the upstream petroleum and other industries in Canada, and Boots & Coots is a leader in the provision of well control, emergency response, pressure control and prevention services to oil and gas industry worldwide," stated Mr. Jackson. "The two companies will bring together unparalleled resources and experience in the area of protecting workers, assets and the community during upstream oil and gas drilling, production and workover activities."

HSE and Boots and Coots already have a successful working relationship in Canada. Boots & Coots offers a specialized risk management and well control insurance program to E&P companies in Canada. Through this program, Boots & Coots works with well control and petroleum industry insurance underwriters to review proposed drilling programs and certain producing operations and analyze their risk potential for a blowout or related emergency situations. Services also include providing an engineer or well control specialist to act as an advisor in the event of an operational risk or pressure control situation. HSE is the first-line responder for well control and emergency response equipment and services for Boots & Coots in Canada.

"HSE has always regarded the continental US as a logical market in which to expand our oilfield safety services division, but when moving into a new country you want the right people and the right partners in the right places," said David Yager, chairman and CEO of HSE. "Our relationship with Boots & Coots has proven to be good in the past and we think as partners, we'll be able to develop an oilfield safety services company that will be credible with our clients and valuable to our shareholders."

"HSE changed the health and safety industry in Canada by being the first to offer an integrated suite of health, safety and environmental monitoring services, and we believe the same can happen in the states," commented Jerry Winchester, President and CEO of Boots & Coots. "The services provided by this joint venture are a natural extension to our risk management and well control services. Plus, by giving recognition to the Boots & Coots name we believe this is also a growth opportunity to expand our presence into new domestic markets."

As customer demand grows, Boots & Coots HSE Services may expand its suite of products and services as well as its operating markets.