TWMA Invests $10 Million in New Product and HQ Move

Leading integrated environmental services specialist TWMA has invested more than UK3million ($6million) in a new Aberdeen HQ as part of its strategy to expand the business and create more jobs.

News of the move came as the company, which has just taken on its 300th member of staff, also announced an initial investment of UK2million ($4million) to launch TWMA's ground-breaking mobile cuttings treatment techonolgy, the TCC-RotoTruck in the US market.

The TCC-RotoTruck is a field proven technology which can go virtually anywhere in the world in any conditions to treat the contaminated drill cuttings that are a by-product of the drilling industry.

Ronnie Garrick, managing director of TWMA, was at OTC in Houston to launch the new product and celebrate a highly successful year for the company, which has seen successful contracts in domestic and international markets coupled with expansion to the Far East and the USA, as well as the planned move to a new HQ.

TWMA has developed the TCC-RotoTruck in response to increasing demand from the sector. The company's proven TCC-RotoMill offshore technology has been developed into a smaller, lighter and more flexible truck-mounted device that separates hydrocarbon contaminated drill cuttings into their constituent parts of water, solids and oil for recycling.

"Making the TCC-RotoTruck technology mobile in this way makes the operations side safer and simplifies the logistics associated with the removal of drill cuttings,'' said Mr Garrick.

"The new TCC-RotoTruck is a major step in our plans to expand globally and be the leading provider of a fully-integrated and comprehensive range of environmental services.''

The newest addition to TWMA's family of integrated drilling waste management products, the TCC-RotoTruck is a versatile piece of equipment as it can be moved from rig to rig within an oil field or it can be set at a central processing site. It can operate 24-hours a day and the unit does not require extended warm-up or shutdown periods. The feature ensures that shift patterns and processing hours can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of the project and the rate at which cuttings are generated.

A single TWMA TCC-RotoTruck has the potential to process up to 9 tons per hour of cuttings. Additional advantages include a reduction in offsite trucking, minimal environmental impact, reduction in temporary storage costs and the area needed for waste storage, lower set-up costs, quick set-up time meaning more drilling time and no need for cranes.