Schlumberger Introduces ACTive Services

Schlumberger announced the release of the ACTive family of live downhole coiled-tubing services. These services provide innovative interventions to elevate the performance, efficiency and results of coiled- tubing operations in various types of well configurations.

A ruggedized high-bandwidth fiber-optic cable deployed inside the coiled-tubing string connects bottomhole sensors with surface monitors and controls, allowing engineers to measure, interpret, and act on downhole events in real time as they unfold. Continuous monitoring provides instantaneous insight and quantitative feedback on the progress of downhole treatments, and alerts the engineer to any deviation from the job design. The real-time measurements can be instantly cross-referenced to surface and reservoir data so that service performance can be evaluated and enhanced.

"You can only improve what you can measure," said Sherif Foda, vice president, coiled-tubing services, Schlumberger. "When you know exactly what's happening downhole, you can adjust job parameters in real time based on downhole measurements. For the first time, operators can manage their treatment and make a difference to the results with complete confidence when it matters the most – while the operation is still in progress."

Presently, the ACTive portfolio is composed of six services.

--ACTive Matrix monitors injection rates, downhole pressures, and temperatures of matrix treatments to maximize fluid penetration and coverage, enhance diversion, and optimize treatment volumes.

--ACTive Cleanout uses differential pressure readings to avoid formation damage and minimize the number of trips and operating time, while ensuring thorough removal of fill.

--ACTive Perf achieves accurate depth control and target coverage in a single run while controlling hydrostatic balance to minimize formation damage.

--ACTive Isolation ensures efficient, on-depth setting of isolation devices in a single run, controlling differential pressure across the sealing elements to ensure their integrity.

--ACTive Lift improves the efficiency and results of nitrogen lift jobs by continuous monitoring and balancing of wellbore pressure while avoiding solids production.

--ACTive Profiling enhances all ACTive services by including distributed temperature surveying (DTS) to provide a 3D time/temperature profile across the entire well to monitor treatment placement and production performance.