Lewis, Grenland Form Groundbreaking Alliance

Aberdeen-based subsea engineering consultancy Lewis Ltd has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Norwegian marine engineering giant Grenland Group ASA to create a groundbreaking non-exclusive strategic alliance. This will benefit both partners and provide a unique and cost-effective one-stop shop for well intervention equipment.

The two companies bring together their experience in the oil and gas sector to provide the entire suite of products necessary for riserless and riser-based subsea well intervention. All the operator has to do is provide a monohull or semi-submersible vessel.

The comprehensive package includes high-specification derricks and deck handling equipment such as skidding systems, craneage and winches from Grenland that complement Lewis's state-of-the-art well intervention packages and control systems.

The formal alliance is expected to be finalized within six months. By pooling their expertise, the alliance partners optimize both efficiency and effectiveness and offer enhanced safety and operational benefits. In addition, Lewis and Grenland have developed a modular, integrated product that allows the operator to buy a low-cost basic riserless lubricator / derrick package for shallow water, and then upgrade to systems for deeper water or riser intervention at a later date. This maintains the value of the original investment rather than requiring early expenditure on high-cost systems, or later replacement of the original systems. This novel client-focussed philosophy allows service companies to enter the field of low-cost riserless intervention without committing to their future capabilities from day one. It also allows service companies to develop their range of services in line with clients' expectations.

And by integrating such technically complex systems, the alliance's approach minimizes the number of interfaces that the client has to manage. This means operators do not need extensive technical knowledge prior to acquiring a riserless intervention vessel, and they still have the option to upgrade when required. Lewis and Grenland have successfully worked together in the past, but the alliance means they will be able to offer a more streamlined and seamless service.

Lewis managing director Drummond Lawson said: "We have already had very positive feedback from potential clients about this exciting new alliance. As far as we know, combining intervention systems and derrick / handling systems is unique and has the potential to provide future clients with substantial benefits in terms of systems working fully integrated and ready for operations from day one." Mr Lawson highlighted the similarities in working philosophies and techniques between the two alliance partners - both have strong academically based engineering teams supported by experienced operational personnel – and said they will work well together as a team.