Fugro Spotlights Structural Integrity Management

Structural integrity management is an increasingly important element of the offshore engineer's role as the number of ageing offshore platforms is increasing globally and a substantial number are facing operation beyond their intended design life. It is increasingly necessary for operators to perform an assessment of their structures on a regular basis.

The monitoring of any "significant change" of a structure is becoming a major part of most asset management programs. The industry is also looking at streamlining inspection programs, moving away from detailed inspection of all welds and towards an overall integrity assessment.

Fugro offers a packaged range of services that can contribute to structural integrity management with an integrated approach of specialist knowledge and best practice methods for the verification of offshore assets.

With this in mind, Fugro, in collaboration with Atkins Inc, is holding the latest in its series of Structural Integrity Assessment Seminars in Houston on 3 June 2008. This will focus on risk-based inspection programs; assessment of foundation strength; measurement of structural response; re-evaluation of environmental loading; inspection techniques and structural integrity management.