Halliburton Wins 3 Engineering Achievement Awards

Halliburton announced that it has won meritorious engineering achievement awards. The awards were presented at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston.

"It is an honor for Halliburton technology to be recognized year after year by this prestigious committee," said Tim Probert, executive vice president, Strategy and Corporate Development, Halliburton. "This is another example of how our employees are hard at work developing creative solutions for the industry's exploration, development and production challenges."

The three winning Halliburton technologies are: Baroid Fluid Services' INTEGRADE diesel-based fluid system; Sperry Drilling Services' InSite ADR Azimuthal Deep Resistivity sensor; and Easywell's Swellpacker cable system.

The INTEGRADE fluid system is the first and only clay- and lignite-free diesel-based fluid. When maintained properly, the system helps significantly reduce downhole losses while drilling, running casing and cementing. Less diesel consumption and fewer additives help lower operator costs and reduce environmental impact. In a 32-well comparison, the wells drilled with INTEGRADE fluid used 62 percent less diesel than the wells drilled with conventional diesel-based mud representing an average savings of about $30,000 per well.

The InSite ADR sensor took honors for providing a new level of enhanced geosteering and petrophysical interpretation that gives operators greater well placement control when drilling horizontal wells. The InSite ADR sensor creates a complete and high resolution picture of the formation layers above, below and around the sensor up to 18 feet away. This system provides the driller and geologist the ability to steer the well through the most productive part of the reservoir while maintaining a desired distance away from adjacent formations. It also acquires advanced petrophysical measurements of vertical and horizontal resistivity and can provide formation dip angle for improving the understanding of local geology.

The Swellpacker cable system is an annular isolation cable feed-through packer for both openhole and cased-hole completions. With its cable feed-through feature, the Swellpacker cable system enables the passage of control lines, flat packs for downhole monitoring, and control devices through the packer without splicing or stripping cables, and cutting control lines. The ability to keep cables intact is a huge advantage when performing an openhole completion. The cable or flat pack is installed as the packer is run into the hole, fed through the pre-made groove in a process reduced to a few minutes per line versus multiple hours required for conventional cable feed-through processes.

The Meritorious Award for Engineering Achievement, established in 1971, honors the world's best new tools and techniques for finding, drilling and producing oil and gas wells. The receipt of a meritorious engineering achievement award marks a company as a technology leader in the upstream oil and gas industry. Entries are judged by a panel of globally recognized industry experts on their innovation of concept or design; their ability to solve a real, practical oilfield problem; and their potential for improving profitability, safety or efficiency.