Stallion's StaRComm Communications Service Touts Offshore Expansion

StaRComm, a division of Stallion Oilfield Services Ltd., announced the expansion of its communications services to the Gulf of Mexico. StaRComm(r) provides voice and data exchange to the oilfield industry in remote locations outside of the public telecom infrastructure.

"Our customers have requested that we expand our communications service offering to the Gulf of Mexico,'' said Craig Johnson, president and chief executive officer of Stallion. "Since we launched StaRComm in 2006, we have developed a reputation for providing superior customer service and creative technical solutions. We now operate on nearly 400 different wellsites across the United States and have excellent customer retention. Through our Stallion Offshore Quarters division, we have crews that are familiar with the unique requirements of the offshore industry. Taking StaRComm offshore was a logical next step for us.''

StaRComm has also recently been offering auto-acquire satellite systems for onshore drilling and production applications. The mobile satellite dish is mounted on its own trailer and eliminates the need for a technician set-up each time the rig is moved. Upon arriving at the new location, the dish is deployed and locked-on to the satellite giving the customer internet connections at broadband speeds. Other communications services include Voice-over-IP phone services and wireless intercoms that can be integrated with a customer's existing VOIP system or can utilize StaRComm's VOIP infrastructure and network.

StaRComm has also delivered to clients an extended internal network capability to the wellsite. Customers can extend their secure network and VOIP systems to each wellsite, which enables extension dialing and ensures corporate secure networking from all of their drilling locations. This is another example of how StaRComm can provide highly customized services to our clients.