EV Offshore Completes Inspection Operation for Nexen Petroleum UK

EV Offshore Ltd., a leading provider of camera inspection systems, announced that it has carried out a downhole inspection operation for Nexen Petroleum UK Ltd in the North Sea. The successful camera inspection operation was carried out on behalf of Nexen on its Buzzard Project, located in the Outer Moray Firth in the central North Sea, 100 kilometers northeast of Aberdeen.

EVO designed and manufactured a custom camera for Nexen that made it possible to inspect conditions within a live annulus utilizing a third party lubricator system via Platform "B" annulus valves. Following initial technical discussions and instructions to proceed from Nexen, EVO was on-site to carry out onshore trials in just 18 days. To access the areas of concern, the camera had to be designed to operate within an extremely small area within the 32mm side-outlet bore and operate at 3000psi pressure. The camera was designed to operate as a standalone with no external cables or mode of control to automatically capture high resolution digital images that would be downloaded to a PC computer, following the inspection and the withdrawal of the camera from the annulus outlet. The equipment was engineered for use with different lubricator systems and is fully transferable, with a change-out of the rear adapter.

During the onsite trials, the camera was manipulated and stroked into the inspection area until all parties were happy with the images that were captured of the targeted areas. For a variety of reasons, it was important to carry out onshore trials in order to establish correct operating procedures. First, the inspection was going to be carried out in a live annulus so it was critical that the procedure for introducing the camera into the void be precise. Second, as the camera was an autonomous unit that was battery-powered and recording to memory, time delays and record settings had to be established to ensure success offshore.

Following the successful onshore trials, the offshore inspections were carried out following procedures, as dictated by the trials. Included in the actual inspection was a flushing procedure to ensure that the view was not obscured by turbid fluid. By doing so, Nexen engineers were able to view high-resolution images to determine the condition of the equipment, which would influence future plans or contingencies.

"Looking ahead, we are extremely pleased to be working on behalf of Nexen, and are confident that we will continue to provide them with the highest quality real-time images," said David Clover, Director at EV Offshore (EVO). "With our team of experienced offshore inspection operators at our expanded headquarters near the Aberdeen airport, we are perfectly situated to mobilize our state-of-the-art systems for Nexen at a moment's notice," he added.

Since completing the operation on the Buzzard Project, EVO has also carried out well-intervention inspections for Nexen using its field-proven drillpipe-deployed well-intervention downhole system.