Rubberatkins Launches New High Pressure Packer Cups at OTC

Rubberatkins will launch the HP Cup, a new range of High-Pressure Packer Cups. Created to hold differential pressures up to 18,000 PSI at temperatures reaching 160degreesC, the Rubberatkins HP Cup offers significantly higher capabilities than any other products currently on the market. Providing a reliable and robust solution for liner hanger, well intervention, sand fracturing, sand control and wellhead testing, the HP Cup is designed to contain high differential pressures in an annular gap.

Engineered using specially formulated anti-extrusion elastomers, its custom designed thin walls can accommodate larger outer diameter (OD) mandrels allowing increased flow through the mandrel inner diameter (ID). The HP cup has an integral cup and thimble and its flexibility provides increased reliability when working at very high pressures and temperatures, therefore minimising risk.

Nick Atkins, director of Rubberatkins says, "The HP Cup is designed to maximise production whilst minimising risk by securely sealing high pressures at temperature. We designed the HP Cup in a range of sizes which fit three custom designed mandrels. Cups can be tailored to suit the individual needs of the client and any casing size and weight and mandrel OD. Every job has different issues and problems and therefore different needs. Each requires its own distinct solution. To meet these requirements, we can adapt the rubber compounds in our products in accordance with individual environmental parameters."

The HP Cup will provide greater reliability, as Nick explains, "Time costs money in the energy industry and the inefficient deployment of a tool can result in wasted resources and project delays. Bearing this in mind, we focussed on making the HP Cup highly reliable and devoted a majority of resources to testing this aspect of the product. By doing this we can provide our clients with the assurance that every time the HP Cup is put in place it will work."

The launch of the HP Cup marks a landmark period for the company, Nick comments, "This is the second year that the company has exhibited at OTC and marks a significant milestone for our operations in Houston. We officially launched the opening of our base in Houston at last year's show and now one year on, we are back again to launch our latest range of innovative products. We have spent the last 12 months focusing on the research and development of our materials and products within our Houston office and this has proved extremely successful for us in establishing our presence in the US. The main objectives for 2008 will be to drive the business forward by increasing sales in the international market."

Rubberatkins will exhibit at stand 2563-9.