Antech to Showcase New Data Acquisition Systems for CT Operations

AnTech Ltd, a specialist engineering design and manufacturing company serving the international upstream oil and gas industries, announced it will be showcasing its new suite of Daq> data acquisition systems designed specifically for use during coiled tubing (CT) operations at this year's SPE/ICoTA Coiled Tubing and Well Intervention Conference and Exhibition on 1-2 April 2008 in The Woodlands, Texas. Each system measures, records and transmits real-time data on depth, temperature, pressure, flow and load that is critical to carrying out successful CT operations.

From Wireless to the Internet

The new Daq> range offers CT engineers a scaleable approach to wellsite data acquisition. The wireless Daq>W is a flexible option which operates without cables. This modular, battery-powered system gathers data through wireless mesh-networked sensors. As data is acquired by the sensors, it is immediately stored in memory located within the transmitting unit, and then transmitted at regular intervals -- from 50 to 100 meters away depending on environmental conditions -- at a data rate of 160bits per second to the receiving unit in the control cabin.

The wireless transmitters of the Daq>W transmit at such low power that they are safe to use within close proximity to perforating operations. Additionally, each sensor module is designed to meet the ATEX requirements for use in Zone 0 hazardous areas. This offers great flexibility as to where the system is used without compromising well site safety.

The permanently hardwired Daq>H is AnTech's companion product to its wireless system for those wanting to acquire data directly on the CT unit where cabling is not an issue, and where power can be more easily provided.

Given the rigors of the wellsite environment, operators require a system that is as easy to use as possible, while ensuring that the data is accurate. A key underlying feature of both of these systems is that the calibrations are stored on the sensor hardware, rather than on the recording device. This means that replacing components does not require a re-calibration, and that multiple displays can be configured to read the same calibrated data. Furthermore, the simple user interface is designed to provide the operator with the necessary information with as little interaction as possible. No PC is required to display or record data.

Real-time Data Sharing via Internet: Easy and Affordable

In an effort to share real-time data simultaneously during CT operations with those on and off the well site, AnTech introduces the Daq>I. The Daq>I serves as a link from the wellsite to the internet rather than another form of acquisition system. It collects data from the Daq>W and Daq>H systems on a dedicated well site server and, because it is linked to the internet via satellite, the live data can be viewed remotely online from any standard PC.

"The focus of all wellsite operations is to get the job done quickly, safely and effectively. Data acquisition is part of a successful operation, but it mustn't interfere with the primary task," said Toni Miszewski, managing director of AnTech. "Once only the preserve of larger operators, with the launch of the Daq> family for the first time everyone can view live data during CT operations from anywhere in the world. Once we install the Daq>, connect it to the satellite and get it up and running, that's it. Access to critical real-time data is at their fingertips, at a price they can afford," he added.

Evolving to Meet Market Demands

The new range of Daq> systems for the CT market evolved from AnTech's RED-I, a data acquisition system that incorporated on-board memory and infra-red transmission of data via sensors to a handheld computer. Introduced in 2003, it boasts a solid track record in the field. However, the rapid development of internationally recognised wireless protocols such as ZigBee, which are specifically targeted at the particular requirements of low-powered wireless sensors, means that better systems are now possible. As the industry has embraced CT technology, demand began to rise for a way to monitor operations that was sensitive to the unique challenges faced by CT companies. AnTech's new family of Daq> systems for CT operations is the next step in the developmental process, offering several easy-to-use, cost-effective alternatives to today's CT engineer.