Ex-Rifle Instructor Aims to Hit Targets with New Oil and Gas Business

While many in the oil and gas sector have forecast that consolidation is the way forward, entrepreneur Iain Howe, has left the comfort of a major operator to go on his own and start-up a new rental and inspection company.

Aiming to capitalize on strong market conditions in the region and an increasing demand for a personal and tailored rental service, ReelPower specialises in providing North Sea operators with high pressure, high temperature, temporary pipework or flow iron.

Based in Aberdeen, Scotland, Iain spent ten years prior to founding ReelPower working with BJ Completion Assembly Services (BJCAS). Having held positions as materials co-ordinator, sales and operations co-ordinator and flowiron operations supervisor, Iain's hard work and commitment saw him promoted to head of business development.

While developing the company's flowiron operations, Iain built up an invaluable bank of market knowledge and industry contacts and his impressive tenure saw the company break record monthly rentals. Having developed expertise in a number of areas including pressure testing, material and certification and casing and torquing, Iain left his position to pursue his passion for flowiron with the launch of ReelPower.

Used on the rig-floor for a wide range of applications, flowiron is essential to many companies operating in the region. ReelPower can manage an organization's requirements with a thorough and comprehensive range of rental packages that encompass all the essential equipment for offshore operations.

As ReelPower is not affiliated with any one manufacturer, it can guarantee that the equipment provided will meet all the required industry standards and practices, such as the 1999 Pressure Equipment Regulations (PED) which ensures a high quality and bespoke service to meet the growing demands of a tightening market.

With safety being a critical issue in the oil and gas industry, the inspection and maintenance of offshore and onshore assets is vital. With a wealth of knowledge and experience of working with flowiron offshore, ReelPower offers a service that can help prevent the disastrous consequences associated with equipment failure and assist companies fulfil its obligations under SI-913.

Managing director of ReelPower, Iain Howe, said: "It is a very exciting time to be starting a company that caters to the North Sea. Significant exploration is predicted in the region this year and I feel that ReelPower can make the most of the many opportunities available in the area.

"The rental of flowiron kit is a cost effective option for many operators as it can assist a company's cash flow, while also allowing it to reduce its expenditure on specialised personnel. The knowledge and experience I bring to the client gives them piece of mind that they are receiving safe, quality equipment that is certified to the highest industry standards.

"Our aim is to be the industry number one choice for the rental and inspection of flowiron and a number of products are in development to assist us in this goal. We have also received an enquiry from a major oilfield service for work on ten offshore locations and I feel this is a great sign of things to come."