Sensornet Unveils Innovative Digital Flow Profiling System

Sensornet, provider of the world's most advanced monitoring solutions, announces the development of its revolutionary real time Digital Flow Profiling system which is set to aid increased production, reduce operating costs and improve recovery.

The company, which has offices in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, has developed its ground-breaking Digital Flow Profiling application together with its industry-leading partner FloQuest which can accurately locate fluid entry points across an entire reservoir and identify fluids present.

Wells that will benefit from Digital Flow Profiling include:

--Conventional and complex


--Intelligent oil or gas producer/injector

--Long horizontal

--Wells with infrequent or no production logging technology (PLT) deployment

The system provides continuous PLT-type data in highly deviated and complex wells without the costs, risks and deferred production issues associated with conventional logging techniques. As well as monitoring the flow distribution in production and injection wells in real time, the system also provides information often not accessible with traditional production logging technology. Traditional techniques often only provide a snapshot of what is really happening in the well and are potentially more expensive to run.

Zonal flow allocation is determined using Sensornet's industry-leading Sentinel Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) technology. With a resolution of 0.01degreesC every one meter along the wellbore, the Sentinel system is applicable in wells where many other permanent monitoring solutions fail to identify thermal events. The ability to provide updates every 10 seconds also allows transient events to be analyzed, providing a new dimension in DTS interpretation.

The Digital Flow Profiling system was recently deployed by a Middle East operator to understand flow distribution in a complex well. By monitoring the well using the industry-leading Sentinel acquisition unit, Sensornet identified accurate flow distribution and delivered a system to achieve total coverage of the well with no further impact on installation and operation. Within minutes of running the completion, the Digital Flow Profiling solution provided real time data gathering and interpretation, and complete temperature profiles were captured, validated and delivered to the client in real time.

Compared to the alternative of a horizontal well intervention on coiled tubing, the operator saved more than $300,000 on service company charges and at substantially lower risk.

Central to the Digital Flow Profiling system are the advanced interpretation capabilities provided by the FloQuest software. A highly efficient data management and visualization front end enables rapid data analysis and processing. With comprehensive flow and thermal simulation engines FloQuest enables the accurate inversion of DTS data to flow distributions, providing Virtual PLT information from temperature profiles.

Sensornet chief executive officer Neale Carter said: "The correct analysis and interpretation of flow distribution and content in oil and gas wells can have a significant impact both financially and logistically on a well's production life and, ultimately, the success of an operation.

"With conventional technology there is a gap between what an operator believes is occurring along the well and what is actually happening. Our innovative technology and the Digital Flow Profiling application close this gap and enable full understanding of flow contribution in real time.

"Digital Flow Profiling provides a better understanding of the zonal properties of a well and a dramatic improvement in response to production or injection changes which can provide real benefits to the operator in terms of reduced downtime and optimized production and injection rates."