ClampOn Awarded Several Orders for Subsea Sand, Pig Detector

ClampOn has received firm purchase orders to equip a number of subsea production manifolds in water depths of up to 8,200 FSW with their state of the art and industry leading subsea sand and pig detectors.

In the GoM these projects are:

--Petrobras Cascades

--BP Atlantis

--Callon Entrada

--LLOG Valley Forge

In Brazil ClampOn received the following purchase orders:

--Petrobras Mexilhao

--Petrobras Plangas

--StatoilHydro Peregrino (topside equipment

For the North Sea area, Total has ordered additional subsea sand detection equipment from ClampOn for the Jura Field.

In addition, ClampOn has been selected by the BG Group in Egypt to supply a reliable retrofit sand detection system for the Burullus Field. This award not only features subsea sand detectors with standard ROV retrievability and one trip deployment, but it is also battery operated with a 45 day data logging capability.

All deliveries are scheduled for the coming six months and several additional projects are pending, both, in the GoM as well as in Brazil.

Our undisputed position as the industry's preferred supplier of sand monitoring equipment proves that operators all over the world value the quality and reliability of our products.

The design philosophy behind ClampOn's sand monitoring and pig detection systems has made us the first choice of engineering companies and operators all over the world. The design ensures a long life-cycle of 25 years, thanks to the following features:

--The subsea sensor itself is divided into two chambers, one of which is kept at atmospheric pressure and the other at high (subsea operating) pressure.

--The atmospheric pressure chamber contains all the electronics, processors and the piezoelectric crystal, and it is totally hermetically sealed by electronic beam welding and a penetrator: there are no O-rings or C-rings exposed to seawater.

--The penetrator is the interface with the high-pressure chamber, which is at the same pressure as the seawater outside and is filled with silicon oil.

--The ClampOn funnel design reduces heat loss and any danger of local hydrate production.

--The sensors have a "noise killer" included. This is a filter that drastically reduces unwanted noise by a factor of 500 compared to alternative solutions. It makes sensor location (distance from the choke) less critical. This offers more flexibility on gas-producing wells, especially for subsea installations, where space is limited.

The above advantages, together with the ultrasonic sensor, electronics and software that have been continuously upgraded and developed since they originally appeared, have made us the number one choice in the subsea market.

Since 2000, more than 90% of ultrasonic subsea sand monitor deliveries all over the world have been from ClampOn -- and the above description tells you why! And in case you are wondering -- our ClampOn Compact is still the most compact system on the market.

If we include our subsea deliveries in 2008, ClampOn has delivered over 1000 subsea sensors to operators all over the world. Quality, reliability and performance obviously still count in the selection of critical subsea measurement systems.

Sand and produced water are two of the most challenging factors in oil and gas production. Don't allow sand to damage your wells; pick the international market's number one choice for the best value for your money.

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