Elixir's Mulle in the North Sea Yields 14,500 bbl/d Flow Rates

Elixir Petroleum reported that during the drilling of the Jaguar well in early 2006 significant hydrocarbon shows were encountered in the Brent Formation. Subsequent technical work has indicated the potential for oil entrapment up-dip of the Jaguar well location. This up-dip accumulation, which was penetrated by a discovery well drilled in the 1970's, has been named Mulle by the joint venture.

The Mulle accumulation lies on the south-western extension of the Osprey ridge and is adjacent to the proposed Causeway oil field development which has achieved flow rates of up to 14,500 barrels of oil per day on test.

An appraisal well and testing programme is being planned for the Mulle accumulation in order to further define the areal extent of the reservoir, to identify oil/water contacts and to test reservoir deliverability. The joint venture has agreed to invite partners into the project to participate in the proposed appraisal programme. To this end, an online data-room is being prepared which will be opened shortly for a select group of invitees. Synergies are being considered with respect to the Causeway development, planning for which is at an advanced stage.