Production of the Offshore Jorf Field Stopped

During the drilling of the development well B18, for gas injection, on the production platform at the offshore Jorf field, a deviation occurred on the drilling line which resulted in damage on the producing pipeline of the adjacent well B12. In order to prevent the possibility of blow out of well B12, a meeting was held on 17 April 2008 at the Operator's headquarters and was attended by technicians from the participating parties: NOC, Wintershall and Total, where the subject matter was discussed and the following procedures were decided to be taken:

--Closure of all the wells on the platform , which average production amounts to 45000 barrel per day. Such closure is expected to last for weeks.

--Evacuation of the platform for safety, which was completed within 48 hours.

--The Company's emergency team was activated.

--A specialized technical team was formed in order to prepare programs to control the situation and prepare for the reproduction of the platform.