Bergen Selects Paradigm Software for Seismic Data Processing

Paradigm, a leading provider of enterprise software solutions to the global oil and natural gas exploration and production (E&P) industry, announced today that Bergen Oilfield Services AS (BOS), a Norwegian offshore seismic survey company, has selected Paradigm software for use in its North Sea exploration projects. Announced at the 2008 American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) Annual Convention and Exhibition in San Antonio, Texas, the licensing agreement is for the purchase of Paradigm Focus seismic processing software.

BOS selected Paradigm Focus for use in its onshore and offshore data processing facilities. Paradigm Focus generates 2D and 3D images of the subsurface, and offers a unique combination of productive and interactive seismic data processing. The application is known for its maturity and stability, breadth of geophysical applications and versatile programming environment for client-guided customization. The software will be used by BOS in its QC workstations and cluster systems on 2D and 3D vessels as well as in its onshore IT facility.

"We chose Paradigm because they provide tried and tested geophysical application packages that deliver a full range of seismic processing capabilities requested by our clients," said John Ege, vice president of data processing for BOS. "Paradigm Focus is the approved industry standard for seismic processing, and it will form the backbone of the BOS data processing facilities. Because many oil companies already have this software, data transition to the customer is easy, which is very important since we are a client-focused service provider."

"This partnership with Bergen Oilfield Services represents another significant penetration into the emerging offshore seismic acquisition market," said Jorge Machnizh, Paradigm's president and chief operating officer. "Focus will enable Bergen Oilfield Services to better meet its exploration needs in the North Sea by providing seismic processing tools designed to maximize efficiency."

"The emergence of young and innovative companies, such as Bergen Oilfield Services, in the North Sea E&P province, illustrates the excitement, energy and potential in the region, and Paradigm is delighted to be a part of that," said Richard Jefferies, Paradigm's vice president of Europe and Africa. "Bergen Oilfield Services is now one of the largest holders of Focus licenses in Norway and Western Europe, which further demonstrates our growing presence in the marine seismic market."