Total Loss Problems No More: Malaysia Operator Gets Boost from Baker

Baker Oil Tools has delivered a solution for the drilling and completion of a large-bore gas producer in Malaysia with incurable total loss problems.

The solution consists of a ControlSET Uniflex Liner Hanger/Packer assembly coupled with a rock bit on a sacrificial motor, and a second assembly comprised of a ZXP Tieback Packer with a Fluid Loss Control Valve.

The Drill In Liner was run in hole after the customer set a balanced cement plug prior to penetrating the total losses zone. The 850 ft (259 m) of Drill In Liner washed and reamed 900 ft (274 m) of hardened cement patches before drilling out another 500 ft (152 m) of new hole in total losses condition. At the targeted TD, the Drill In Liner was successfully hung off, cemented and the packer set to test.

This was followed by the installation of the Fluid Loss Control Valve tieback assembly, and the TCP perforation gun run with the HB-1 shifting tool. As expected, total losses resumed as soon as the guns were fired. By shifting the Fluid Loss Control Valve to close, the well was once again put back under control.