F.O.A.M. Technology Achieves Dramatic Production Increases in N. Sea

A North Sea operator had a number of cycled high-temperature gas wells experiencing diminishing production rates. Baker Petrolite's F.O.A.M modeling software package helped to confirm liquid loading as the culprit.

The Baker Petrolite team suggested a foamer treatment option that was best suited for the high-temperature conditions of the field. To minimize the risk of foam carry-over in the separator, the customer and Baker Petrolite team selected a suitable defoamer and applied it downstream of the wellhead.

Well A showed an eight-fold increase in time online between shut-in periods. In addition, the required shut-in period was cut by half. Prior to foamer application, Well B could only support production flow for under a day. Following treatment this well was returned to continuous production without the need for any shut-in time. Before foamer treatment, Well C would not flow at all at standard conditions.

This well returned to cycled production with a two-week online interval. Additional gas revenue generated by the chemical application to these three wells was valued at approximately $1.2M over a three-month period.