StatoilHydro Awards 3 Contracts Worth NOK1.6 Billion

StatoilHydro has awarded three contracts for anchor-handling vessels with a collective total value of NOK 1.6 billion.

The largest contract is a five-year deal with DOF for a newly built Skandi TBN AH 04 CD vessel, developed by Aker Yards. The contract has three one-year extension options.

StatoilHydro has signed an anchor-handling contract for a newly built Skandi TBN AH 04 CD vessel, developed by Aker Yards.

The new boat is scheduled for delivery from the shipyard in December 2009, but will likely go out on the spot market for a few months before starting its contract with StatoilHydro during the first quarter 2010.

Stability conditions, safety and environment have been focused on in this enquiry.

"We are very pleased that many ship owners are following up with StatoilHydro's emphasis on increasing safety for onboard crews by emphasising new technology," says Morten Meinich, StatoilHydro marine operations head.

The new vessel is 108 metres long and 24 metres wide, and outfitted with a 500 tonne winch. It also has its own ROV (remotely operated vehicle) and is equipped with safety features meeting the highest standards for anchor-handling vessels.

"The ship has state-of-the-art technology that enhances safety on deck during anchor-handling operations, including cargo rail manipulators which reduce manual work. The vessel also has hybrid engine solutions and catalytic converters that reduce nitrous oxide (NOx) and CO2 emissions. It has many uses, including anchor handling in deep waters, ROV operations and supply duties," comments Meinich.

Two shorter contracts

Two other contracts for anchor-handling vessels were also signed with DOF and Island Offshore for the vessels, respectively, Skandi Admiral, and Island Vanguard. The two contracts have durations of 18 months, with three six-month extension options.

The Skandi Admiral will continue operating from an existing contract with StatoilHydro, with the new start-up commencing 15 August 2008.

Island Vanguard, which is equipped with an ROV and A-frame, will start operating for StatoilHydro after becoming available from a spot assignment, most likely 28 April 2008, and at the latest by the first of May.