MicroSeismic Announces Real-Time Microseismic Data Analysis

MicroSeismic, Inc. has achieved real-time analysis of surface array based microseismic frac monitoring data sets in the field. This breakthrough in accelerated processing and interpretation will enable operators to make better decisions in tight timeframes with reduced uncertainty during their hydraulic fracture well treatments. MicroSeismic is the world leader in surface based microseismic monitoring and passive seismic imaging.

Keys to the success of this development were the creation of a field deployable processing system with dramatically increased data processing speed and a major breakthrough in the technique for analyzing the massive data volumes acquired during frac'ing operations.

Peter Duncan, Ph.D., CEO of MicroSeismic commented: "Our customers asked and now we can provide a system that has been proven in the field which provides microseismic data analysis with unprecedented speed and clarity. This is a revolutionary step forward for us. We can now provide to our clients the information they need in the field to modify completion programs to achieve significant gains in well performance."