Platina Reports Oklahoma Production for Beginning of April

Platina Energy Group, Inc. reports oil production of 7-13 barrels per day from the combined output of O'Daniel, Rick #1 and Stout wells in Oklahoma. Bowie Energy, a subsidiary of Platina Energy Group, is the local business representative for the prospect.

Bill Hopper, our local field representative has reported that we will be deploying the first Thermal Pulse Unit (TPU), on one of the existing wells on Garvin County field for testing. If successful, we will be adding additional TPU's to other wells that should increase current production significantly by reduction of paraffin and reduction of viscosity. This field currently has additional wellbores available for rework opportunities that are very promising for using the TPU technology.

"Albeit that this is one of our smaller field opportunities, we are very positive about the potential of further validating reserves through the deployment of the TPU," stated Blair Merriam, President of Platina Energy.