Red Spider Technology Offers Comment on UK Patent Infringement

Chris Oliver, Chief Executive of Red Spider Technology which develops innovative down-hole tools for the global oil industry, confirmed that the company is instigating legal action to enforce one of its UK patents against apparent infringement by Aberdeen company Omega Completions Technology Ltd.

Mr Oliver, one of the founders of the company, which has won several awards for its leading edge design of down-hole technology, comments, "I can confirm that we have served notice of legal action to Omega Completion Technology Ltd this week. We believe on legal advice that Omega's injection valve is infringing our UK patent 2424438. The patent we hold protects Red Spider's own water injection valve technology which has become a market leader in the North Sea oil and gas industry due to its innovative design, its reliability and its excellent track record.

Innovative engineering design is a costly and time consuming process. At Red Spider Technology, we have invested heavily in recruiting the best engineering brains; people who thrive creatively in our forward thinking culture. They produce world class solutions for global problems and we have a duty to protect our investment in registered intellectual property.

Energy industry engineering is not like high street fashion where catwalk designs can end up in shop windows with mere tweaks from the original. Applying for a Patent and satisfying the Patent Office that a design is truly innovative is a long, expensive legal process. Accordingly, where necessary we will always protect our patent rights despite the high costs of instigating patent infringement litigation in this case we were left with no option but to enforce our patent rights. "