Que Vaya Bien: Mexico Lawmakers Prepare for Energy Debates

An agenda has been set for the long-sought Mexico energy debates. Mexico left-wing party members occupied congress April 10, creating a political deadlock, threatening to continue the occupation until the end of April unless the parties entered a national debate for the proposed energy reform.

On April 22, a spokesperson for the Mexican Congress said that 20 debate forums had been scheduled to take place between May 12 and June 22.

Mexican media reported that although Mexican Congress is scheduled to end April 30, the scheduled debates could beget a special summer session necessary to approve the proposed energy reform.

The takeover of the congressional chambers came as a result of the left-wing party fearing that the incumbent National Action Party and the Institutional Revolutionary Party would approve the proposed energy bill without first giving the Mexican people an opportunity to speak.

"They've sharpened their teeth and are ready to rob a natural resource and make a big business out of it," said Democratic Revolution Representative Alejandra Sanchez on April 10. "We're not going to let them."

Opposers of the energy reform bill feared that the country's oil and gas assets would be privatized. Mexico's reserves were nationalized in 1938.

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