ARKeX Uncovers Utah Hingeline Secrets

ARKeX, a worldwide leader in geophysical remote sensing, has recently completed a multi-client airborne gravity gradiometry survey of the geologically complex Utah Hingeline, utilizing its proprietary BlueQube survey technology.

The Utah Hingeline, part of the North American thrust belt, is a complex trend that begins northeast of Salt Lake City and runs southwest across the state. There has been a lot of interest in this highly prospective area, following Wolverine's significant discovery of the Covenant Field in 2003, which is expected to produce 70 million barrels of oil. ARKeX's BlueQube data and interpretation report have highlighted how airborne gradiometry can be used as a blueprint for exploration along the thrust and fold belt.

Conventional seismic exploration in the Hingeline has been difficult because of the complex geology, difficult terrain and restricted access. ARKeX's airborne BlueQube survey was able to overcome many of these challenges while still delivering a high resolution result.

BlueQube is a powerful imaging tool that gives an accurate picture of subsurface geology. Using a multi-disciplinary approach, BlueQube's advanced gravity gradiometry technology provides a high resolution geological representation that allows companies to image structure quickly, easily and in a range of challenging geologies.

"The Hingeline is an area ideally suited to our BlueQube technology," said Phill Houghton, ARKeX Vice President of Sales. "Because of the complex geology, seismic doesn't reveal all the answers, but when combined with BlueQube, a clearer picture can be obtained that can be used to reduce the risk of exploration along the trend."

Houghton added, "We are planning additional surveys along the Hingeline, also on a non-exclusive basis. We feel many clients will be able to benefit from the enhanced information BlueQube can deliver."

The initial 150-square mile BlueQube survey is Phase 1 of ARKeX's Utah Hingeline exploration program, for which a full interpretation report has been completed and is available. Phase 2 (300 square miles) has also been acquired, and data is currently being processed. In addition to the first two phases, an additional 750 square miles is scheduled to be flown this summer.

The multi-client survey was acquired in conjunction with JEBCO Seismic LP.