Kuwait Says Operations at Al-Abdali Field to Resume

According to the Kuwaiti News Agency, twenty-two oil wells in the northern Al-Abdali field, which produces 50,000 barrels a day, will resume operations gradually after being shutdown as part of the country's precautionary and security measures during the war on Iraq. The official spokesperson of Kuwait's oil sector Sheikh Talal Al-Khalid Al-Sabah told KUNA Thursday that operations would resume after ensuring the security situation and the safety of the workers in the oil installations in Al-Abdali.

The resumption of operation in all oil wells there would take place gradually during a short period because the operation needs special technical arrangements, he said.

Sheikh Talal, also the Executive Assistant of the Managing Director of projects and relations at the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC), said after operations are resumed gradually the total production of Al-Abdali and Al-Ritqa fields, Kuwait's northern oil fields, will reach 85,000 barrels a day. Production had been increased in Burgan oil field south of Kuwait to compensate that amount during the time the northern fields were shutdown, he said.

Sheikh Talal said that 17 oil wells at Ritqa oil field have started producing oil again. Those wells have been closed down three weeks ago because of the war in Iraq.

The Spokesperson said Kuwait's firefighting team has resumed its activities in putting down burning oil wells in Al-Rumaila oil fields that were set ablaze by Iraqi forces at the start of the war last week. The team had suspended their work yesterday at the field due to bad weather conditions.

Kuwait's participation in capping the oil wells comes purely as a humanitarian gesture to protect the resources of the Iraqi people and to help protect the environment, he said.