Tap Oil Spuds Crackling South-1 Well

Tap Oil reports that the Crackling South-1 exploration well in EP 341 offshore Australia spudded this week. The well is being drilled by the Ensco 53 and is expected to take three days to reach total depth of 487 meters measured depth.

The Crackling South exploration well is a follow up to oil shows intersected in an adjacent well, Crackling-1, over a 22 meter interval within lower Cretaceous glauconitic sandstones, situated 1 km to the northeast. This well which was drilled in 1993, was not tested at that time to determine if moveable hydrocarbons were present. However, advances in production technology since then, in particularly horizontal drilling, have enabled apparently similar reservoirs to be successfully developed elsewhere within the Carnarvon Basin.

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The target horizon in Crackling South-1 comprises lower Cretaceous Mardie Greensand at a depth of approximately 350 meters. Although the Mardie Greensand generally has good porosity, it has low permeability due to the presence of glauconite clay. The prospect has the potential to contain a mean volume of 30 million barrels of recoverable oil. Joint venture participants are Tap as operator with 50%; Apache Energy with 22.5%; West Oil with 22.5% and Strike Oil with 5%.