Odyssey Completes 4th New Well at Pelahatchie Field

Odyssey Petroleum Corp. reports that the J. Cox 18-10 #1 well has been successfully drilled to 11,500 ft. and logged in Pelahatchie field. Evaluation logs ran by Baker Hughes indicated numerous oil sands, primarily in the cretaceous age formations from 9000 ft. subsurface to total depth of 11,500 ft. According to the Company's geologist, the logs indicate 132 ft. of probable pay in 16 zones from 10,590 ft. subsurface to 11,500 ft. Numerous additional zones above 10,590 ft. are indicated as probably being productive, however evaluations are not finalized at present. Indicated productive zones are in the Paluxy, Rodessa, and Hosston formations - all formations which have been historically productive in the field.

Completion personnel have set production casing to total depth and cemented in the same. The drilling rig will be rigged down and moved, location restored, and the well prepared for production. Odyssey has recently drilled four successful wells in the field, where the Company controls over 4,000 gross mineral acres.