ConocoPhillips Canada Wins Environmental Leadership Award

ConocoPhillips Canada has received the Leadership Award for the Upstream Oil & Gas sector in Canada Climate Change Voluntary Challenge & Registry's Annual Leadership Awards Ceremony.

The selection was made by an independent multi-stakeholder panel and was based on "the display of extraordinary commitment, action and leadership toward the voluntary reduction of greenhouse gas emissions".

In the period between 1990 and 2001, ConocoPhillips Canada reduced its carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions intensity by 6.3 per cent. (Emissions intensity is the CO2e emissions per unit of production).

"This shows the power and potential of the voluntary approach to dealing with emissions, an approach that has been adopted by provinces like Alberta," said Henry Sykes, President of ConocoPhillips Canada, at last night's Awards ceremony in Hull, Quebec. "ConocoPhillips Canada and all of its employees take pride in being environmentally responsible. Our approach has included employee climate change communications and it's the enthusiasm, skill and commitment of our people that has produced this great result and the recognition for our efforts."

"ConocoPhillips showed leadership in their GHG reduction achievements and in their commitment to future reductions. A step beyond is their comprehensive employee education program." Commented Robert Flemington, President of VCR Inc.

"I congratulate ConocoPhillips Canada on receiving this recognition for achieving real results in reducing emissions," Alberta Energy Minister Murray Smith said. "This is further evidence of the Alberta energy industry's voluntary commitment to a cleaner environment through efficiency and innovation."