Sensornet Installs World's First in MRC Well

Sensornet, the global provider of the most advanced monitoring solutions, has successfully installed the world's first distributed fibre optic monitoring system in a Maximum Reservoir Contact (MRC) well for a major operator in the Middle East.

Regarded as the most complex well type ever monitored by a fibre optic DTS system, the system allows continuous monitoring of flow contribution from two side-tracks as well as the mother bore in the multilateral well.

Deployment in the 14,500ft well was achieved in less than two days, with the Sensornet SureSightTM cable passing through three permanent production packers and three Inflow Control Valves (ICV). Three field testable fibre optic splice assemblies were installed with no degrading effects on the measurement performance.

The DTS system also allowed each of the ICVs to be individually tested, confirming the correct sequence of operation as well as circulation and isolation. The safe, smooth and trouble free installation is testament to Sensornet's field engineering experience, project management and design capabilities.

The system was continuously monitored, allowing testing and confirmation of completion accessories during all phases of the installation. During well clean-up, fluid displacement could be easily monitored, reducing rig standby time while providing a high degree of confidence in the downhole conditions before moving off location.

Neale Carter, Sensornet CEO commented: "The integration of our high performance instrumentation with practical oilfield expertise and advanced interpretation capabilities is now delivering our vision of virtual production logging. Client feedback, even during these early stages of the installation, has been fantastic and we are confident of massive growth in deployments as a result.

"Monitoring of zonal and lateral contribution is a key issue for the operator and by providing a permanently installed system the operator is now able to instantly act on phase breakthrough and rate changes. Sensornet's permanent monitoring system provides the operator with continuous, real time information at a fraction of the intervention costs. The ability to have constant access to this production information enables reservoir and production engineers to make significant improvements in field recovery, production rates and reductions in produced water."