Revus Comes Up Dry at Anning

Revus Energy ASA announces that results from the drilling operation on the Anning prospect show that the well did not encounter hydrocarbons. The well will now be sidetracked to an infill location on the Murchison field.

The Anning prospect is located in the Murchison Unit which is operated by CNR International (U.K.) Limited. The prospect is close to the Murchison field and the well was drilled from the Murchison platform.

Well M78 was targeting hydrocarbons in the Brent Group. A good quality net sand column of approximately 48 meter was proven but the reservoir was water filled. The well was drilled to a total depth of 3 275 meter in formations of Jurassic age.

The licensees in the Murchsion Unit are CNR International (U.K.) Limited (operator, 77.8 per cent) and Revus Energy ASA (22.2 per cent).