GeoMechanics Launches 3D Geomechanics Services

GeoMechanics International, Inc. (GMI) announced the launch of a new service that provides 3D mechanical simulations of the stress field around salt structures. This new service avoids unrealistic assumptions that are generally used for wellbore stability analyses, such as the vertical stress being a principal stress, and thus is capable of providing a far more reliable prediction of safe mud weights than a standard analysis. Recent application of this service in exploration wells in the Gulf of Mexico showed that the prediction of the frac gradient was significantly improved and the salt exit location could be optimized from a stability aspect.

"We are very pleased to be introducing this new service. For expensive sub-salt wells, wellbore stability optimization is of paramount importance. Now, GMI can provide customers with 3D stress fields around salt domes that take into account the specific geometry and deformation behavior of salt. We believe it provides a significant advance in the field of geomechanics," said GMI President Patrick Keenan.