Oil & Gas UK Appoints New Co-Chairs

Bob Keiller, chief executive officer for PSN, and Archie Kennedy, managing director of ConocoPhillips (UK) Ltd, have taken over the joint role of chairmen of the Oil & Gas UK Board.

Bob will replace Tom Smith as the contractor co-chair while Archie will replace Dave Blackwood as operator co-chair following the end of their fixed term in these roles.

Malcolm Webb, Oil & Gas UK chief executive, said: "Bob Keiller and Archie Kennedy bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience of the oil and gas business. I am delighted that they have agreed to be the Association's new co-chairs.

"I also thank both Dave and Tom for their inspirational leadership and tireless hard work and support as the first co-chairs of Oil & Gas UK. Their vision has ensured Oil & Gas UK built on the strengths that existed within UKOOA and successfully expanded it to encompass the UK's world class supply chain. They have played a vital role in helping create an organisation that is well-equipped to represent the industry as oil and gas development in the North Sea matures and the supply chain continues to grow as an internationally recognised centre of excellence in UK and world markets. I am also delighted to say that both Tom and Dave have agreed to continue to serve on the board of Oil & Gas UK."

Commenting on his appointment, Archie Kennedy said: "The industry continues to have a bright future ahead of it. Clearly, Oil & Gas UK plays a vital role in promoting an active and informed dialogue across all sectors of the industry and engaging with all stakeholders and Government. We face some key technical, environmental and economic challenges to maintain the pace of investment into the UK sector and thus ensure safe and reliable energy supply. In my new role, I look forward to building on both previous co-chairs' excellent work and continue to promote our industry's expertise and positive impact on the UK economy."

Bob Keiller added: "We are moving into the second half of the North Sea story. Decisions we make today will shape the future of the industry and have an impact on all of its players there is a huge prize for the UK to win if we set our minds to it. The UK's oil and gas supply chain is now being recognised as a significant economic sector in its own right and its future is very much anchored to the future of North Sea oil and gas production. I am pleased to be joining Archie in leading Oil & Gas UK through the challenges that lie ahead."

Two new vice chairs have also been appointed; they are John Gallagher, vice president technical - Europe for Shell and Mike Bowyer, UK vice president for Halliburton. John Murphy, chief operating officer for Venture Production remains in his role of Honorary Treasurer and Robin Davies, vice president North Sea for Subsea 7 has been elected as a member of the board to reflect the views of the subsea sector.