Caledyne Metal-To-Metal Seal Success In Asia

Caledyne, a leading specialist in innovative engineering services and products to the energy industry, is celebrating its first Asian installation of the Caledyne retrievable bridge plug (CRBP) incorporating the revolutionary Caledyne metal-to-metal seal.

The CRBP is a high performance retrievable bridge plug which provides a complete metal barrier for in the well, capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and pressures.

Installed for Talisman on the Bunga Kekwa project, Malaysia involved the installation of a 5 1/2-in. CRBP to temporarily plug the BKC-20 gas well while a rig was mobilised carry out repair to the tubing string, immediately below the safety valve. The CRBP, which had never previously been used to seal against gas, was successfully set and sealed with zero leakage.

Using the CRBP allowed Talisman to carry out its upper completion repair and provided a high performance barrier to safely isolate the well. The effectiveness of the technology, along with its short lead-time for delivery, has led to Talisman ordering several additional units for similar applications.

Roland van Dort, managing director of Caledyne, said: "Safety should always be the top priority of any job and the Caledyne CRBP with the MTM seal provides a reliable, durable and safe solution for temporarily plugging a well. The metal-to metal seal provides a previously unobtainable level of well plugging.

"The success of the project will be of great benefit to us. A number of our clients are aware of the installation and I am confident this will lead to further orders in the region with the assistance of our excellent regional representatives, Petroequips. In addition to the CRBP, we are currently discussing a number of our other technologies with operators in the area. Asia is a buoyant market and I am sure we can make the most of this with our innovative, reliable and safe technologies."