Revolutionary New Product Launched For N. Sea

Advanced Coating Initiative Ltd (ACI) reported that a revolutionary new product as hard as diamonds which will save the global oil and gas industry hundreds of millions of pounds a year replacing aging equipment is launched in Aberdeen April 17.

New technology using space-age lasers to apply the toughest carbon film coating will be supplied by Advanced Coating Initiative Ltd (ACI), with massive potential savings for oil operators through the shelf-life of infrastructure and equipment being increased -- cutting maintenance bills and improving productivity. The technology is also attracting great interest from other industries, such as the automotive sector, boosting the potential market significantly.

ACI showcased the InnerArmor technology to more than 100 guests at its premises in Portlethen, Aberdeen, April 17. The event included Aberdeen Lord Provost Peter Stephen, as well as representatives from InnerArmor developer and science specialists, Sub-One of California, and ITI Energy, which commissioned the R&D programme which enabled the development of the new technology.

Jim Davidson, managing director of ACI, said: "InnerArmor represents a major breakthrough in the industry. There are clear cost benefits for the North Sea oil and gas industry and it is fantastic to have the partnership with a US firm which will help maintain the long-term prosperity of our sector in Aberdeen.

"The technology is also good news for the environment by cutting down the need for new products and equipment and the event has been a great opportunity to present it to existing and new clients.''

InnerArmor promises to transform the lifespan and return of investment from high wearing components operating in harsh environments by applying a diamond-hard carbon film. It will deliver greater resistance to corrosion and erosion together with improved flow dynamics.

Interim managing director of ITI Energy Chris Brown said: "This new technology is a fantastic opportunity not only for ACI but also for companies within the oil and gas sector. Forming partnerships with the US through business opportunities such as this not only brings ground-breaking international technology to Scotland but also enables a local Aberdeen business to be at the forefront of new business, economic and educational opportunities for the area."

Dr Mark J. Gore, Sub-One president in Europe, said: "We are very excited to be part of the launch event in Aberdeen and have ACI now promoting the technology as the first European licensee. I am confident that InnerArmor will generate a significant amount of interest which will create further investment and employment opportunities across Scotland."