DMT Emerald Heads For Aker Marine Contractors

Deep Marine Technology, Inc. announces that the 292ft DMT Emerald is headed to work for Aker Marine Contractors on the Blind Faith project in Mississippi Canyon 650.

Working in water depths from 100fsw to 6,500fsw, the DMT Emerald will be working on the Tie-in Riser Spool Piece Installation. This portion of the project will consist of tying in two 14-in. risers, one 6-in. riser, and one 8-in. riser.

The project began at the end of March and is scheduled to last approximately six weeks. Aker Marine Contractors will be utilizing the 150Hp Triton XLS ROV onboard the vessel, as well as surface divers.

The DMT Emerald will be working in conjunction with Aker Marine Contractor’s deepwater construction vessel, the Boa Sub C.

The DMT Emerald is equipped with a 100T Heave Compensated, Multi-purpose Lifting Tower, a 100 Ton Knuckle Boom Crane, a 23 X 27 Moonpool, and accommodations for 73.